My mom used to tell me that when I was little, and I would cringe every time it came out of her mouth. Not because she was wrong, but because patience has never been my strong suit. In fact, if I am completely honest, I hate waiting.  I had hoped this was a youthful stage I was going through, but indeed it was not. It has carried over into my young adulthood.  When a proper lady should smile and display exceptional patience, my inner child wants to stomp my foot and whine, “why is it taking so long!?”  My maturity has refrained me from doing this in public (I think), but don’t be fooled, it happens inside my head. Every time.

As we have worked on paperwork for visas and organizing our lives to make the move to Spain, God has asked me for patience. In many ways in the past four months, we have waited on important documents, email responses, and most recently, our approved visas to ensure that all of this was not just a dream, but a reality. For two nail-biting weeks (for me, at least), we waited to get the last word on our finalized visas and eventually had to delay our flight, but got our visas approved and picked up.  Thank you, Jesus!

     In the midst of all of this, I HAVE grown up some. I realize when my anxious thoughts take over, my initial reaction NOW  is to pray for God to take the burdens back.  I might have to do this every twenty minutes or so (I’m still working on it, okay!), but it has taught me to allow God to speak into the situation. Memory verses pop into my head, and I am washed again with God’s surpassing grace and peace. Instead of dwelling on the issue at hand, I am reminded that God is so much greater than it all. My mind and heart are given some perspective and God again becomes bigger than my circumstances.
     I would like to say that I have handled these recent situations with poise and grace, but I have still  indeed succumb to tears of frustration from time to time (my apologies to those of you who were on the phone with me at the time:).  However, I am thankful that God has not given up on me in this area of weakness, and praise Him for the growth thus far, and the lessons I have yet to learn.
     So as we wait one more week to fly to Spain, I am reaping the benefits of a positive perspective: I have one more week to be with family, and I can recover from a cold in the comforts of home!  God is good, and Spain will still be there when we arrive next week!