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Today, I want to call on all our prayer warriors out there who read our blog.

As some of you may know, both of my brothers’ wives are pregnant with baby girls, and both are due in late March and April.  My oldest brother, Chris, and his wife Brittany are due in April, however, Brittany has been having contractions the last couple of days, and the doctors are concerned about a premature birth.  They were able to stop the contractions, but after extensive testing, she has been told to stay in the hospital until our baby Tennessee is born.  We were hoping she would wait to come for another couple of weeks, but she might come earlier, so we would love for you to join us in prayer for them.


We all have people in our lives that influence who we are and what we become.  Chris and Brittany are two people who have directly and significantly influenced my life.  Chris was one of my first examples of a man who serves the Lord with his whole heart.  His decision ten years ago to move with his new bride to start YoungLife ministries in Allen, TX had a profound impact on me when I was a teenager.  I saw his passion and desire to serve the Lord, no matter how little he was paid or how difficult it was.

Through the years, there have been times when no one would have blamed him for packing it all up, moving on, and settling for a ‘normal’ job.  He never did.  I’ve seen faith fleshed out in their years of ministry that was never glamorous or big, but quiet, strong, and many times rewarded by God in incredible ways.  A faith and knowledge that God will provide, God will protect, and God will always be faithful.

As Dustin and I begin our fourth month of working in ministry overseas, I can’t help to think that my brother played a big part in why we are here.  His example to love God, love his family, and love people made me confident that I could do the same with my life.  Both Chris and Brittany gave us such great words of wisdom and encouragement when we decided to serve God overseas, and we are grateful beyond words for that. They are a perfect example of what it means to give your life away to others every single day!



So please join us in praying for them as they try to balance two small children at home, as well as a baby that’s ready to see the world!  Pray for peace, comfort, and protection for them, and we will let you know when she arrives!!



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  1. Janene Pearson

    March 2, 2013 at 1:04 am

    You certainly have my prayers!!

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